Sex and Nudity Edit

Seasons 1-4 Edit


The first 4 episodes are child appropriate, while the rest are intended for more older audiences. You want to know why? Well, follow me and I will tell you why.

In one episode for instance, Georges and Madame Adelaide Bonfamille are seen having sex very briefly. Not very explicit because it is a GoAnimate Show.

Another episode, I believe it is called "Sales," Edgar Balthazar (also known as Fucking Edgar) is seen hosting a sale, Georges stops by and announces the sales. And then, Georges and Madame Adelaide Bonfamille briefly have sex (it may have been more like anal sex than regular sex). Although they aren't wearing pants, their genitals are censored because it aired on GoAnimate Network Adults Only. Only lasts for a few seconds. Then, Duchess orders people to kick her in her groin area, but was never seen.

The rest of the episodes are free of sexual or offensive acts and sexual metaphors for Season 1.

Again for Season 2, first 4 are not inappropriate. I will tell you the inappropriate content in the later episodes right now.

The only episode is inappropriate is "Caught Cheating" where Edgar Balthazar tries to have sex with Madame Adelaide Bonfamillie, but Georges stops him.

The season 3 episodes are appropriate, while the season 4 episodes have mature content. only 2 Season 4 episodes are appropriate.

Season 5-present Edit


The season 5-present episodes are very inappropriate.