Sex and Nudity Edit


Sir Ector and the Scullery Maid hug, but nothing is shown.

Sir Ector reads a magazine called Hustler, and when he opens the magazine, we can see bad words, sex, and nudity in the magazine.

Sir Ector and the Scullery Maid are seen nude on a bed, the Scullery Maid's breasts are seen and Sir Ector's genitals are seen, we cut to Arthur (also known as Wart) hearing noise from the room, which indicates that they are having sex. This scene can only be seen on the R-rated for retarded version. The cut version cuts this scene out, and just cuts to the next scene, which is where Widow Tweed murders Microsoft Sam for his attempting of molesting Tod. The scene where Sir Ector and the Scullery Maid have sex was scrapped from Jessica Lane's project because she didn't want to get terminated from YouTube. Therefore, the movie didn't have sex scenes, only the earlier concepts.

References to sex.

Sir Pellinore and Sir Ector talk about the Scullery Maid in a sexual way, and they use "busty tits" directly at the Scullery Maid, who is shown blushing.

Violence and Gore Edit


Murders are seen a lot.

Sir Kay tries to murder the Scullery Maid, but Sir Ector snatches the gun from his son's hand.

Tons of blood.

Marie says that it hurts when she uses the litter box, which implies that she is constipated.

Profanity Edit


A lot of f-bombs, 2 uses of the forbidden c-bomb, 7 uses of sh*t, and other profanity that I can't think of.

Uses of "busty," which is used directly at the Scullery Maid. The word "tit" is also used directly at the Scullery Maid.

Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking Edit


There are characters who drink wine, and end up getting drunk as a result.

Sir Pellinore drinks rum with Sir Ector.

Reference to smoking.

Frightening/Intense Scenes Edit


There are murdering scenes, and a sex scene. There is a lot of profanity, especially the F-word, also known as Word 5.

Widow Tweed murders Microsoft Sam for attempting to molest Tod in the one scene.

Sir Ector murders Edgar after he blew up his lair.

This movie is not suitable for children at all.