This is the parents guide for A Fox Story.

Sex and Nudity Edit


Ling Ling asks Captain Hero a very explicit question and Foxxy Love goes apeshit and calls him out for it. (The explicit question in question is "Did Xandir do something to Foxxy Love?") With the question being asked, it is implied that Ling Ling was asking a question that is related to rape. It might also mean that Ling Ling was basically asking if Foxxy Love was sexually assaulted.

Xandir defecates on grass. We don't see his phallus, but he sits down.

Spanky Ham eats Toot Braunstein by (off-screen) taking her clothes off. We see her fully clothed afterwards as the members of Foxxy Love's herd become shocked due to this being more family friendly than most Drawn Together episodes.

Despite all that, the movie is kid friendly despite the rape question.

Violence and Gore Edit


Scenes of characters from Drawn Together getting eaten by Xandir.

Toot gets eaten by Spanky Ham. This resulted in Spanky Ham getting banned from Foxxy Love's herd for fuck.

Xandir says "Xandir want food!" This is implied that not only is Xandir a cannibal but also the fact that Xandir want to eat someone, particularly members of Foxxy Love's herd. In one scene, Xandir even nearly eats Princess Clara until Foxxy Love makes Xandir spit out Clara.

Profanity Edit


Cursing is scarce as the cuss words are replaced with bleeps. However, prior to the VHS release, the word "fuck" was accidentally shouted out by Foxxy Love after Wooldoor Sockbat fell off the boat and broke his leg. The error was intentional and it was censored with a bleep on the VHS release 7 days later. The uncensored version can still be found at the archive for A Fox Story.

Alcohol/Smoking/Tobacco Edit


Foxxy Love eats a pill that causes her to pass out. However, Foxxy Love ends up waking up. The scene had to be excluded from the VHS release due to drug use. Still, the scene was seen on the original DVD release. After the re-release of the DVD, the scene was never seen ever again. However though, the original scene is still viewable at the archive for A Fox Story.

Frightening and Intense Scenes Edit


Some minors might be disturbed by Xandir eating other Drawn Together characters.

Ling Ling's rape question might make parents go apeshit.

Toot getting eaten might be very disturbing as blood is shown as Foxxy Love and the rest of her gang become shocked. Foxxy Love also faints during the scene, but seen awake after Ling Ling says "Cool!"

Although the violence is rather over-the-top, the violence is actually cartoonic, although the blood seen on Toot Braunstein's corpse is somewhat realistic.

Scale: 8/50

People who are 10 and older should be able to handle the violence.